Once upon a rainy day in London... ._._.

London based influencer, music writer and film creative,  Andrei Lucas channels his work into digital storytelling and relates to a digital international audience passionate about arts, music, lifestyle and travels. 

As a brand ambassador, Andrei creates digital stories that share a simple message and that empower his audience to be who they want to be, creating an aspirational yet relatable content by being himself.

Andrei Lucas's main ethos in social media is to send across a message that "less is more" and that the environment is detrimental in everybody's field of work, even in the world of social media.  

Through social media, Andrei Lucas became an influencer and a spokesperson for international brands, from emerging ones to more established ones, engaging a young audience and presenting the world with a different vision, with a desire to recreate old Hollywood scenes, daring to dream.

"In his 26 years, he has fit what some might do with twice that time, and so much of it in the public eye of being an influencer, singer and songwriter. Here’s the side of him you haven’t seen before. Completely unfiltered, Andrei Lucas digs into his past, beats unrealistic expectations and why he’s the person he is!"

(Uptown Style Magazine)

On a creative side, his music sends across a contemporary message through a profound, sophisticated and up tempo sound. 

Andrei Lucas’ lyrics describe life in it’s complexity, and follow dreams with their uncertainties. 

As pop is the main genre that the music subscribes to, on his creative journey Andrei Lucas co-produces his sound with alternative artists, bringing a variety of genres and intricate layers to his tracks. What Andrei Lucas writes, every young adult has been through, thought of, believed in, hence why his strong ability to connect with a young audience that lives in today’s world facing today’s challenges in life.

Andrei Lucas released his first single in 2017 Heart On My Sleeve, and continued to write and release in 2019 his story through music that he writes and co-produces. 

As a writer, Andrei’s main goal is to touch his listeners, but to be authentic. Believing that one has to be honest with the audience, Andrei Lucas shares his thoughts and emotions, his past and his future in a simplistic and contemporary way, relatable to today’s social media peer pressure, online dating, life struggles and dreams of a better life. 

About Andrei Lucas 

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“As a social media creative and influencer, I always feel that my digital audience connects with me without any barriers and allows me to engage on a personal level.”


Musically, Andrei Lucas aspires to configure a pop sound that brings real instrumentation together with a digital sound elements, focusing on profound subliminal notes and simple yet inspiring messages

"As an artist, I see my music in colour and I visualise moments that become music. It's hard to explain, but I think this is my creative process..."

“Ultimately, through my music, I allow myself to dream and to let go, but to also tell my side of the story, and to hopefully find the ones who identify with my journey in life”.

"Andrei Lucas also aims at spreading awareness among the youth through his songs, regarding relevant issues like online dating, social media peer pressure and life struggles.

The song “Mad” is his 3rd release, where he collaborated with a South American producer, LuckyBamba. This song also talks about his real life experiences. Lucas feels that expressing a real life message through the songs is important when you want to create some good quality music.


Through this song, he wants to cancel out the popular belief that the idea of being honest is madness. ‘Mad’ is a celebration of life and it motivates the listeners that no matter how tough things go on to be, they are not the reasons to give up."