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Andrei Lucas is a London-based songwriter, producer and artist. Releasing his debut EP entitled Paradise Passé, a project based on personal development and growth, Andrei Lucas' music has an unmistakeable indie-pop sound and r&b, soul, and funk influences.


Andrei’s main inspiration comes from his life with a background in Romania yet learning native English in Canada in his early teens. The multicultural background has become a constant source of musical ideas, allowing Andrei to write and produce music for an international audience that loves pop music.


His music lyrically documents the journey of a young person letting go of one's youth and stepping into maturity by owning who they are. The moment of separation between the two chapters is condensed. Andrei's lyrics are addressed to the young people who are in tune with today’s realities and want to escape through music into a world of imagination, where all the cultural backgrounds are welcome in a safe space.


As a writer, Andrei’s main goal is to touch his listeners, but to be authentic. Believing that one has to be honest with the audience, he shares his thoughts and emotions, his past and his future in a simplistic and contemporary way, relatable to today’s social media peer pressure, online dating, life struggles and dreams of a better life. Andrei's songs are a love letter to young listeners who want to feel included and listened to, and who want to feel like they matter. 

Genre: Electro Pop

Record Label: Paice MacDonald 

London UK

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