About Andrei Lucas and brand partnerships

As a digital influencer and social media creative, speaking to my digital audience has always been based on real life experience. My aim is to not detach myself from the real world and the environment that surrounds my audience, their desires and from the reason they chose me as an example.


Though I don't consider myself a role model, I can definitely say that my vision for digital presentations lead me to become a taste maker and I can definitely say I have opened my audience's tastes to new perspectives, one of which is my "old hollywood" digital aesthetic. 

As a brand ambassador, following the ethos of the brand I merge with is essential to me, and my audience has embraced my partnerships with an open mind and open heart, embarking on unique journeys with me.

Andrei Lucas Bafta awards 2020 white tux

         Collaborations and partnerships:

Roja Parfums 2020:

Tag Heuer - TagHeuerConnected smartwatch

Favre Leuba #ConqueringFrontiers:

On being a role model for those who follow me…


"I don’t think I am a role model by any means, and I think that as an influencer you shouldn’t really be considered a role model. You create a community of people who like your style, your personality, your look or your talent but that doesn’t necessarily make you a role model. Some of my followers are my role models so I don’t think one should be put on a pedestal. I believe in equality and that everyone has something to share."

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