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A step in highlighting the vulnerabilities in youth today, suicide in men and reinforcing self love.

On his song-writing journey, Andrei Lucas has faced life challenges that every young adult faces in a world dominated by social media pressure, online dating, internet life and at the same time growing up into adulthood.

Men's mental health issues are still a taboo topic in our society. Increasing suicide rates in men and closeted depression needs to be a conversation now. Ultimately men of all ages but also young men are allowed to be honest about being vulnerable and that is not at all a sign of weakness. 

"I've been called mad for just showing my emotions and there have been times when I was honest about how I feel and I was told I'm having a mental breakdown. People seem to impose a standard of how we should feel at any given time, and I think we should be allowed to be vulnerable."

"People also tend to use the word mad in relation to people who maybe are different, or have particular sensitivities or suffer from anxiety. One shouldn't be ashamed of who he or she is."

Why the title MAD ?

Mad is a tentative to break masculine vulnerability stigma following a personal journey and sharing a personal view on life. Andrei Lucas inspiring lyrics promises to bring such subject into the pop culture that sometimes doesn’t acknowledge those issues. 

“Mad” the third single Andrei Lucas releases, is a liberating track that inspires and challenges the audience to live their truth.

The single “MAD”, embodies the message that Andrei Lucas wants to get out there in the pop scene, and that is that one has to leave the past behind, move forward from negative experiences that life can bring, accept self doubt and live to the fullest. 

Given the social pressure on young people today which is not helped by social media and peer pressure, the line “This summer I’m going mad”, stands for the idea that it’s time to live your dreams and your truth. As youth depression is stigmatised and looked upon, men’s vulnerabilities are also considered tabu and this song aims to highlight the pressure around it.

“This summer I’m going mad” celebrates life and the meaning of what it is to be a person capable of showing love and relationships in a way that encompasses living today. 

It hopes to unite communities throughout the world with the power of self esteem, the song is about a young person who feels isolated for whatever reason, and it’s about accepting unapologetically who you are for what you are, not how it’s portrayed on social media by others.


For this single, the aim was to be not only real in terms of message but also real in terms of instrumentation. I wanted to collaborate with a south American producer such as LuckyBamba to create an organic instrumentation that sounds real. Using real instruments was definitely something I wanted for this song because I needed it to sound raw and to give out raw emotions.

Collaborating with a producer such as LuckyBamba has been very liberating from a creative point of view, and because of his multi-cultural background he was able to have a deep understanding of my message and of the sound we wanted to achieve. Also working with Mikhail Kuschhas been an incredible opportunity because he has such a profound understanding of the music I wrote, and I love his work. I am so grateful that I discovered his music and I am also happy that he was able to get our sound to the level that we wanted. I don't think I could've found a better mix and master professional, hence why we worked remotely him being in South Africa.

As my work is extending, and I am aiming towards writing an album, I want to believe that having a message is as important as having a good sound, and I believe that these days less is more and less synthetic and more authentic is the way to go in music.

Men should be vulnerable if they feel that way, music should be raw if the emotions are raw and this summer I am not holding back any of that. 


Andrei Lucas, musical artist with an international online audience, relates to a mainstream audience that consumes pop music. His music sends across a contemporary message through a profound, sophisticated and up tempo sound. 

Andrei Lucas’ lyrics describe life in it’s complexity, discover love in it’s ambiguity and follow dreams with their uncertainties. 

As pop is the main genre that the music subscribes to, on his creative journey Andrei Lucas co-produces his sound with alternative artists, bringing a variety of genres and intricate layers to his tracks. What Andrei Lucas writes, every young adult has been through, thought of, believed in, hence why his strong ability to connect with a young audience that lives in today’s world facing today’s challenges in life.


“Human relationships and love have been very affected by social media, online dating, and internet, hence why I try to emphasize how staying real is important in finding your other half. Online dating is oversaturated with superficiality and I’m ultimately looking for a real life partner, and not a digitalized perfect human.”

Musically, Andrei Lucas aspires to configure a pop sound that brings real instrumentation together with a digital sound elements, focusing on profound subliminal notes and simple yet inspiring messages

"As an artist, I see my music in colour and I visualise moments that become music. It's hard to explain, but I think this is my creative process..."

“Ultimately, through my music, I allow myself to dream and to let go, but to also tell my side of the story, and to hopefully find the ones who identify with my journey in life”.


Andrei Lucas released his first single in 2017 Heart On My Sleeve, and continued to write and release in 2019 his story through music that he writes and co-produces. 

As a writer, Andrei’s main goal is to touch his listeners, but to be authentic. Believing that one has to be honest with the audience, Andrei Lucas shares his thoughts and emotions, his past and his future in a simplistic and contemporary way, relatable to today’s social media peer pressure, online dating, life struggles and dreams of a better life.  

As social media has been an element of Andrei Lucas’ journey in finding his audience, the music and lyrics that Lucas releases have been influenced by what the online life looks like and what the young generation goes through emotionally in a digitalized world.


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