Paradise Passé is the debut EP of songwriter Andrei Lucas, a five part indie pop musical journey which englobes the story of a young adult in today's reality.

Paradise Passé is a collaboration between songwriter Andrei Lucas  and London producer Andrei Sora. The EP is and indie-pop  body of work with electronic, neo-soul and dance influences. The transition from experimental acoustic concepts to nu-disco elements creates a structured evolution allowing vocal diversity and versatility. Paradise Passé  aims to be a quintessentially pop record that finds common ground with today's influences in the contemporary music world.

Paradise Passé is the metaphor, which stands for lost youth or the resolution of a chapter that marks the transition into adulthood. The EP debuts with distrust and self doubt, emphasizing the importance of today’s mental health in young adults. It continues with “the big move to the city” with an overwhelming journey of self-discovery that leads to loneliness in an unforgiving city. The narrative questions the reason why one starts a big journey to find success when the world seems a lonely place, but the end of the EP is empowering through self-assurance and emancipation. The EP documents lyrically the journey of a young person letting go of one's youth and stepping into maturity by owning who they are. The moment of separation between the two chapters is condensed into the 6 tracks which challenge the listener to introspective. Needless to say, the body of work is aiming to shed light on how young people dream high but also have to find peace with their inner demons, insecurities and fear. We sometimes want to run away from our own shadow, but embracing it is the path towards growth.


 A story of self discovery beginning with insecurity, and ending with emancipation, confidence and empowerment. 

second thoughtsAndrei Lucas
00:00 / 04:14

Second Thoughts

introspective. self doubt. survival. loss.

continuous struggle to find oneself.

who am I meant to be today if I can't be myself?

London babyAndrei Lucas
00:00 / 03:26

London Baby

city lights. the rush. the thrill. the fall and the ecstasy.

LVBAndrei Lucas
00:00 / 03:32


emancipation. empowerment. self-affirmation. I own who I am. my life is my script.

from another planetAndrei Lucas
00:00 / 03:09

From Another Planet 

what a thing to be human...

heyAndrei Lucas
00:00 / 03:41


i kept running away from me when I didn't know I was happy.

from another planet (bedroom remix)Andrei Lucas
00:00 / 03:26

From Another Planet (bedroom remix)

in space nobody can hear you scream...

Andrei Lucas is a London based music writer and artist who has been active in the indie music industry in the last 4 years releasing and writing indie music, and now releasing his debut EP entitled Paradise Passé.

The experiences, challenges and vulnerabilities in a city like London created musical conversations about life, survival, heartbreak, inclusivity and diversity in a place that never sleeps, and Andrei Lucas is portraying through his music the beauty of a simple life that wants to be lived to the fullest. Paradise Passé is a body of work addressed to the young people who are in tune with today’s realities and want to escape through music into a world of imagination, where all the cultural backgrounds are welcome in a safe space.


©2019 by andrei lucas.